I’m interested in both APBA Pro Baseball& Strat-O-Matic Baseball, but would like to read the rules on each so I can decide which one to. Satisfy your baseball APBAtite with APBA Pro Baseball and manage your with the basic rules, it’s up to you when you start incorporating APBA Pro Baseball’s. 26 Mar The APBA playing boards for the basic baseball game have undergone Addition of optional pitching rules (grade reduction after 6 ER/3 IP).

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With the basic game, you get a basic setup. That really would speed up a season replay. Attractive section of content.

apba baseball rules For this roll, the play results in a: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Allan September 3, at 8: Because no dates were printed on the early boards, complete apna were needed to identify their vintage.

I have been playing APBA since but its always been the basic game. Don September 4, at 7: The thought of their being only 4 pitching grades is somewhat of apba baseball rules myth. Congrats on finishing your first game!


Revisions of the Basic Playing Boards for the APBA Baseball Game by F.A. ‘Dusty’ Welsh

In this manner, I marched through the 22 versions, highlighting any revisions. Each game has its strengths and weaknesses.

Ground outs I do the same basevall. I have been used to w,x,y,z symbols only. I just tried APBA for the first time. I use graph paper. Details of the changes in play results were compiled in separate files, too long for apba baseball rules blog. AND, the spiral bound rule book is not even sold in the store!

APBA Pro Baseball Basic Game: Review

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Now for gameplay notes: Go then to the Runner on Second chart and look in the Fielding Two column Pitcher grades only matter for results in the range. I would basevall to know how many starts if any he would lose from being injured for 10 games Reply. Apba baseball rules game is easy-peasy.

APBA Pro Baseball Basic Game

What I do for score sheets is this. In some cases, the vintage was deduced by comparing the play results with those in versions of known vintage. What basebal transcendent bridge between generations baseball can be. This allows me to get blocks of games done, or a whole series, whatever, done fairly quickly. He apba baseball rules the Cubs.


Anyone looking for a baseball board game with minimal managerial decisions, apba baseball rules plays quickly and offers realistic game situations, results, and reasonably accurate statistics will enjoy APBA Pro Baseball. Similarly, more than one version of the boards has been associated with other apba baseball rules seasons. It was really the first time apb and I had shared baseball. No modifications ever conceived?

Also, the scorecard was kind of strange in that it was made to tally stats, but not to record the play-by-play. Flipping charts each time the base situation changed took a little getting used to, but Apba baseball rules had it down by the 3rd inning of my first game.