23 Apr Gujral Doctrine is considered as a milestone in India’s foreign policy. It was rendered by Mr. Inder Kumar Gujral, the Minister of External Affairs. Gujral doctrine: Inder Kumar Gujral: who is remembered for the Gujral Doctrine, a policy grounded on India’s unilaterally reaching out diplomatically to its. What is Gujral Doctrine? Former Prime Minister, Late I.K. Gujral propounded the Gujral Doctrine when he was the Union Minister of External Affairs in .

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As I just said, we have a vested interest in such a solution. Gujral was admitted at Medanta Hospital in Gurgaon, Haryana part of the National Capital Regionon 19 Novemberafter being diagnosed with a lung infection. Retrieved 25 November What is Electoral Bond? Pakistan has bought sizeable quantities of Indian wheat and sugar, and India has bought Pakistani cotton.

(Article) Gujral Doctrine

This is a view based on five points with the inherently simple premise of non-interference in the affairs of our neighbours and respect for their sovereignty. It is believed that if a country wants to be a dominant leader at the international level, first of all it must have cordial doctdine with its neighbouring countries. Independence for us did not signify only the new-found freedom to voctrine our own destinies. By upholding what was right and just, we, in essence, upheld and reinforced our own independence.

India is so situated that she is the pivot of western, southern, and south east Asia. First, he unilaterally stopped the daily polemical exchanges between Pakistan and India.

Third Principle of Panchsheel- Mutual non-interference in each other’s internal affairs 4. We aim to achieve this goal both through bilateral interaction with our neighbours, as well as through the framework of SAARC.

Gujral Doctrine UPSC; Gujral Doctrine achievements; UPSC international relations

We did likewise on the crucial issue of global disarmament. Chairman, Ladies and Gentleman, India has always sought friendship with all nations. We are looking at new possibilities of cooperation in fields such as preservation of the environment, protection of biodiversity, education and information and media. Our aim is to develop an integrated strategy for what we hope will be a resurgent area of growth.

T he Gujral Doctrine has for the first time in 50 years reduced tensions and confrontations between India and all its neighbours at the same time.


You are today seeking to overcome the consequences of long years of conflict which have exacted a heavy toll of your society. Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen, You have done me a very great honour today, by giving me this opportunity to speak at this Centre dedicated to doxtrine memory of the late Mr.

But we do believe that the fundamental dictrine of democratic societies have much in common – equality and non-discrimination, freedom of choice, adherence to the rule of law, secularism and tolerance. Minister of Finance — Her research focuses on the global impact of U. A n important thrust of the Gujral Doctrine is to help South Asia to expand its relationship with neighbouring regions.

That was the essence of Gandhiji’s message and mankind will have to appreciate it in order to see and act clearly By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Doctrkne. Revival of Two Party System in India. It also proposed deployment of minimum forces at border.

Second, we believe that no South Asian country should allow its territory to be used against the interests of another country of the region. What is Gujral Doctrine”. I have become more and more convinced that so long as we do not recognise the supremacy of moral law in our national and international relations, we shall have no enduring peace. The fifth principle of the doctrine says that in dialogue, neighbours must treat one another as equals, must not intervene in their domestic affairs, and must respect one another?

A pacifist and a gentleman”. Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen, Both our countries are indeed fortunate in having had prescient and far-sighted leaders who not only had a sense of the history of our countries, but also a very clear idea of the role they had and the challenges that would need to be met as we sought to fulfill that role.

You have done me a very great honour today, by giving me this opportunity to speak at this Gujrql dedicated to the memory of the late Mr. Skip to main content. As a benign big brother, India would give concessions to all except Pakistan without any reciprocal return expectation. The changed era of the ’90s, with new equations between the erstwhile great powers, has opened new vistas for Indian foreign policy. Venkaiah Naidu said the party would “throttle” INC attempts to form a new government.


The report is full of recycled news.

Together, we seek a renewed commitment to multilateralism, a new international partnership for economic development and cooperation against terrorism. During the Emergency of GuhralGujral was Minister of Information and Broadcastingwhere he was in charge of the media during a time of censorship in India and was in charge of Doordarshan. Within the South Asian region, which is our common home, I would like to say that, for my Government, the development of close and friendly relations with our immediate neighbors commands the highest priority.

Our geographical position in South Asia, within the Asia-Pacific region, as a major presence on the Indian Ocean Rim, and as a close neighbour of the Gulf region and Central Asia, is the main factor in this vision. All the South Asian countries will respect each other’s sovereignty and integrity and will help each others to cope up with any natural and economic crisis.

If it were so easy to break the United Front, then it will be called the disunited front. May I add Mr.

Thirdly, Gujral also announced that no South Asian country must allow its territory to be used against the interests of a neighbouring country. Gujral himself later became Prime Minister. Gujral, however, was silent on the matter, [26] but later controversially transferred the CBI director Joginder Singhwho was investigating the case against Yadav, and replaced him with R. We can dream of once again making the maritime frontier, which we share, an area of peace, and then take up collaborative ventures for advanced research and exploitation of ocean resources.

We must draw inspiration from the glorious legacy of our common religious and cultural heritage to build just and peaceful societies.

Traditional security concerns like huge standing armies, doctriine high military budgets, issues relating to proliferation of nuclear weapons and development and deployment of missiles however remain unresolved. Sri Lanka will always remember with gratitude, Shri I K Gujral’s contribution towards strengthening India-Sri Lanka relations and regional cooperation.

No South Asian country should allow its territory to be used against the interest of another country of the region.