22 Jul Syed Muhammad al Naquib bin Ali bin Abdullah bin Muhsin al Attas (born September 5, ) is a prominent contemporary Muslim. Syed Muhammad Naquib al-Attas, Islam and Secularism (page ). “The term ‘secular’ from the Latin ‘saeculum’, conveys a meaning with a marked dual. 13 quotes from Islam and Secularism: ‘Ibarat manusia tanpa keperibadian, universiti moden tidak mempunyai pusat yang sangat penting dan tetap, tidak ada.

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Considerable relevance must be seen in the significance of the change of name of the town once known as Yathrib to al- Madinah: Certainly this has brought material benefits, however it is accompanied by an uncontrollable and insatiable propensity to destroy nature itself.

They went so far as to assert triumphandy, in their desire atas keep in line with contem- porary events in the West, that secularization has its roots in biblical faith and is secilarism fruit of the Gospel and, there- fore, rather than oppose die secularizing process, Chris- tianity’ must realistically welcome it as a process congenial to its true nature and purpose.

Islam and Secularism Quotes

islwm So then in this sense, which is Lhe sense they mean, we say that not every ism is ideological, for it depends upon the conceptual designation of the term to which it is suffixed.

Ahmad Ibn Naqib Al-Misri. Western society is thus divided by gaps between the three generations: Bonaventure of Bagnoregio, held in Rome on the of September,which I attended and of which I was a member. Rangga marked it as to-read Aug 20, The separation repre- sented for Christianity a status quo in the losing battle against secular forces; and even that status quo was gradually eroded away so that today very little ground is left for the religion to play any significant social and political role in the secular states of the Western world.

Full text of “Islam And Secularism Al Attas”

We have several umes alluded to the concept that jusdce means a harmonious condition or state of affairs whereby every thing is in its light and proper place — such as the cosmos; or similarly, a state of equilibrium, whether it refers to things or living beings. As such nature became rejected as it was of no use and even obstructive to the Christian endeavour to attain to the world of spirit.


The aims and objectives of the Institute are by no means easy to accomplish.

The process of la or bringing into existence and annihilation or returning to non-existence, and recreation of similars is a dynamic existential movement. Consequently, they do not take the middle-aged as models to guide them in life, and hence demand of them their freedom to choose their own destiny.

Notes on a Foreign Country Suzy Hansen.

Robinson, The Nexv Reformation? Deaf, dumb, and blind, They will not return to the path. And this is in fact what they who make the claim say.

If there occurs then a sense of inadequacy about Islam and its relevance to changing situations, this illusory sense in reality occurs not because Islam is inadequate or irrelevant, but because the sense of inadequacy and irrelevance arises simply due to forgetfulness nisyan causing ignorance jahl which can be remedied by learning and remembrance.

Thus in this brief summing up of the religious situation in the world before the advent of Islam, and the assessment of die future role of Christianity, the astute minds and self-conscious perception of the pioneers of the new religion must indeed have realized the tremendous role open to Christianity in that it alone could develop into a universal religion.

This nurtured in al-Attas an exquisite style and precise vocabulary that were unique to his Malay writings and language. Metaphysics as we understand it is a science of Being involving not only contemplation and intellectual reflection, but is based on knowledge gained through practical devotion to that Being Whom we contemplate and sincerely serve in true submission according to a clearly defined system of Revealed Law. This marks the first time that modern Malay is used intellectually and philosophically, thereby creating a new style of language.

Syed Muhammad Naquib al-Attas – Wikipedia

Includes bibliographical references ISBN 1. This somewhat mathematical meaning conveys the sense of there being a system or law governing all and maintaining all in perfect equilibrium. Their emergence is conditional not merely upon physical struggle, but more upon the achievement of true knowledge, confidence and boldness of vision that is able to create great changes in history. So in this way authentic and creative intellectual effort will continually be sabotaged. Srikandi Besi marked it as to-read Feb 18, Since he has been enUusted with the stewardship of the Kingdom of Nature which belongs to God, he must look after it and make legitimate use of it, and not ruin and spread chaos over it.


The middle-aged, realizing that their values too, when they were in the prime of youth, did not succeed in guiding them in life, and now they secularisn they are themselves unable to provide the necessary guidance for their sons, and so surrender freedom which they seek atas choose their destiny in the hope that youth may yet succeed where they had failed.

The man of Islam is not bound by the social contract, nor does he espouse die doctrine of die Social Contract. In other words it is not a theocratic state.

Retrieved from ” https: Though the rational soul is not of the same level of being as God, there is yet in it that spark of Divine origin which makes it pos- sible for it to receive communication from above and to have cognition of what is received; and from this we derive analogy for the second condition.

It is also liberation from subservience to his physical demands which incline toward the secular and injustice to his true self or soul, for man as physical being inclines towards forgetfulness of his true nature, becoming ignorant of his true purpose and unjust to it. Already here we discern the germ of mean- ing that easily develops ialam naturally and logically into the existential context of an ever-changing world in which there occurs the notion of relativity of human values.