Title: Analysis Kanchanjunga Apartments, Author: Eelko Kroon, Name: Analysis Kanchanjunga Apartments, Length: 42 pages, Page: 1, Published: Kanchanjunga Apts by Charles Correa architect, at Bombay, India, to , architecture in the Great Buildings Online. 20 Sep Kanchanjunga apartments, India. Passive sustainable design apartment building.

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Kanchanjunga Apts – Charles Correa – Great Buildings Architecture

The ingenious cellular planning Correa offered an ingenious plan for Kanchenjunga apartments with an interlock of four different apartment units varying from three to six bedrooms each. The building we are going to discuss today is a live example of his ability to combine the age-old methods and style with modernistic planning and comforts. Correa provides the tower with 6. Kanchenjunga apartment building is one of the kanhcanjunga projects completed by Charles Correa, a project where he so effectively combines the Indian and western concepts to find a solution to a nagging issue.

Charles made invaluable contributions to contemporary architecture. His professional posts mostly cover the future in Architecture.

I Respect your ideas sir. The same challenge was faced by the master architect when he got the project of designing a multi-story apartment building, something made kanchanjunva by the phenomenon of escalating urbanization, the rapid growth in population that turned the city of Mumbai into a sea of humanity.

His stories and poems are chiefly devoted to the inner and outer battles that apartmentw disabled person in India faces every day. Stai commentando usando il tuo account WordPress.

The central core houses lifts and other services also provides kanchanjujga main structural element for resisting lateral loads. Small level differences between external earth-filled terraces and internal elevated living spaces make all the difference here as Correa successfully shields these high-rise units from the harsh sun and torrential monsoon rains.

N I know they are going to enjoy my presentation…. Fill in your details below or click appartments icon to log in: Professional Experience partner with G.

Kanchenjunga Apartments: Innovation at its best

An age-old traditional architectural feature The vernacular architecture, that stood neglected for a long time, provided kanchanjhnga solution to a keen student of traditional practices of architecture. The best orientation for a building in Mumbai is East-West to enable it to catch prevailing sea breezes and also to face up to the best views of this historic city.


Notify me of new posts via email. Minimalist surfaces are cut away from the corners to open up double-height terrace gardens.

I am a master student in University of Nottingham,England and as part of my dissertation i am doing case study of kanchanjungaMumbai. He was concerned about the major issues facing the modern cities and tried to find the solutions using some effective traditional Indian architectural practices. The deep, double-height terraces are oriented away from the sun to provide each apartment unit protection against the elements. You are commenting using your WordPress.

A beautiful combination of modern western and traditional vernacular styles True to his philosophy, Correa succeeded in combining the traditional vernacular style of architecture with the apartmets western style while designing the Kanchenjunga apartment building. Email required Address never made kanchanjunba. Kanchenjunga apartments, Mumbai In most situations, Correa kanchanjungq going for skyscrapers; preferring instead to remain close to the natural elements.

Charles Correa – Kanchenjunga apartments

Slip method of construction was used for the first time in India for a multi-story building here to construct the central core before the main peripheral structure. Questo sito utilizza cookie. The central core, consisting of elevators and stairs, provides the main structural element for the building for resisting the lateral loads.

Smaller displacements of level were critical in this work in that they differentiated between the external earth filled terraces and the internal elevated living volumes. Inserisci i tuoi dati qui sotto o clicca su un’icona per effettuare l’accesso: The vernacular architecture, that stood neglected for a long time, provided the solution to a keen student of traditional practices of architecture.

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However, he showed his class even in the cases when a multi-story was a necessity. The ingenious cellular planning. These subtle shifts enabled Correa to effectively shield these high rise units from the effect of the both the sun and monsoon rains. Your email address will not be published.


Mumbai, India Project Year: Notificami kanfhanjunga commenti via e-mail. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Kanchanjunga appertments Beyondnauvoo Says:. Many of his works attempt to explore a vernacular style or practice within a modern environment.

Reinforced concrete structure Kanchenjunga apartment building is a story reinforced concrete structure with 6. This was largely achieved by providing the tower with relatively deep, garden verandahs, suspended in the air.

I m going to present this amazing apt. Rispondi Annulla risposta Scrivi qui il tuo commento His deep understanding of both the contemporary western architecture and the traditional vernacular practices gives rise to a unique building that bears a stamp of his apsrtments personality. Invia a indirizzo e-mail Il tuo nome Il tuo indirizzo e-mail. The area embodies the characteristics of the upper echelon of the society within the community in a city that is considered the equivalent of the New York city in terms of population and diversity.

The main challenge Mumbai is a coastal city with a hot and humid climate virtually round the year.

The central core was constructed ahead of the main structure by slip method of construction. Shear end walls holding up the cantilevered terraces externally express the interlocking of these variations.

It was a whole new world way beyond anything being taught in America at that time. Posted by rosslabindia Filed in Charles Correa Tag: While the concrete structure and the areas of white panels give the building a close resemblance to the modern western apartment buildings; the garden terraces of the building are nothing but a modern interpretation of a feature of the traditional Indian bungalow- the verandah.

He is a prolific writer and a sensitive poet. However, the garden terraces of Kanchanjunga Apartments are actually a modern interpretation of a feature of the traditional Indian bungalow: