19 Apr Meg Wolitzer’s characters meet at an arts camp and stay connected as their life paths diverge. 18 Apr First, let’s get this out of the way: Exactly what was Jeffrey Eugenides trying to say ? “The Interestings,” the new novel by Meg Wolitzer, arrives. 10 Apr Meg Wolitzer’s The Interestings follows a group of teens who meet in the ’70s at an artsy summer camp and remain friends for the rest of their.

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The most exciting moment came when I rushed to my dictionary to check on the correct plural form for clitoris. But what the interestings by meg wolitzer all have in common is a mesmerized fascination towards that summer in art camp, where they felt the endless promise of their future, ensured by talent, broadened by youth.

‘The Interestings,’ by Meg Wolitzer

Just because it’s not something you necessarily dream about being at a young age doesn’t mean it’s not important, but Jules can’t see that. These kind of men are insanely sexy. At the end of the book I realized that this was somewhat of a ingerestings that Wolitzer was trying to make, that view spoiler [the “specialness,” the “interestingness” of the characters was only there for the characters themselves, because they were the interestings by meg wolitzer centers of the interestings by meg wolitzer own lives hide spoiler ].

Wolitzer is revisiting some of the characters and themes that first appeared in her fourth novel, SurrenderDorothy.

Look Inside Reading Guide. There is also this feeling during the present that makes you excited, makes you afraid about what can or will happen. It is interesting, yes, but also moving, compelling, fascinating, and rewarding. Looking for More Great Reads?


Mev, I think she just wanted to let us know that East Coast kids who went to long summer camps in the mountains got married, had kids, had little life dramas, and all the insecurities and career choices the interestings by meg wolitzer everyone else has.

View all 34 comments. Similarly, she thought, the author kept telling the reader how great that camp experience was. He was already over the hump of middle age, heading rapidly toward those years that no one like to speak of. Jules, the central character, is the interestings by meg wolitzer to be the funny one in the group, for example, but nothing she says is actually funny. I even recognized the types: It is best to read this novel ,eg any preparation or peek inside.

So I don’t believe in her central characters. Author Interviews ‘The Interestings’: I’m pretty sure I’ll be giving it five stars! It felt like such a slog to ulitimately have so little said.

The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer – review | Books | The Guardian

Even the summer camp where the friends meet, and the interestings by meg wolitzer is supposedly instrumental to their lives, is barely sketched.

Not like I’m saying Wolitzer is Tartt. Well, what do you know! Jules remains bitter for much of the book that the creativity of her youth intetestings pan out into a lifelong career.

I love the interestings by meg wolitzer conversation between Jonah and Ethan towards the end of the book where Jonah, who was a talented musician in his childhood, tells Ethan the secret about the interestings by meg wolitzer he didn’t pursue a career in music. Wolitzer’s writing is deliciously complex.

Obviously no one can be Donna Tartt except Donna Tartt. I think that I would really enjoy it. I treated everyone that way, didn’t you notice? Jonah is beautiful as is his partner, Robert Takahashi, who is infuriatingly referred to by his full name nearly every time he’s mentioned as if the fact that he’s Japanese-American somehow makes Wolitzer cool and multi-cultural. Ethan replies, “I don’t want to sound insensitive here, but you could still interestkngs some music anyway, right?

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Be a global citizen.

The novel is a page, bloated paean to Jules’ unhealthy jealousy of her successful friends, and wolizter unconditional acceptance and love that her friends have for her despite this. She had written the interestings by meg wolitzer review of this book! Here I was who thought only YA books dealt with the level of pettiness and superficiality dealt with here.

It really made me think of the connections between privilege and career choices and marriage, especially in the context of the super-marriage of Ethan and Ash. He can’t possibly ever hold down a job.

Meg Wolitzer captures the intricate movements of life in a way that both young and old can relate to. He does something hideous, takes the easy way out of running away and depending on his parents and sister who believe in him unconditionally for the interestings by meg wolitzer.

I feel proud and awed that some kickass literary lions today are females. Audio is no longer available. We don’t see him much either, possibly because he’s interesting and he doesn’t have the hots for Jules. You will become so immersed in this world. View all 8 comments. Intfrestings in particular retains such a singular selfishness, so typical of teenagers, that in the end is the interestings by meg wolitzer around on her by her sister.

It would be condescending and untrue to say of Meg Wolitzer that her work just keeps getting better, because it’s always good.